About us



Feri Group is a company founded on 04.02.2015 based in Ferizaj. Within this relatively short period, thanks to the work and creativity of our professional team, we managed to cover the entire territory of Kosovo.

Feri Group is one of the leading companies for the sale and distribution of high quality food and non-food products within the territory of Kosovo. Feri Group aims to be one of the largest and most successful companies in Kosovo and the region in the field of sales and distribution.

We are representatives of well-known brands such as Antat, Hazal, Akas, Superstar

Our vision is that of a successful company that operates with standard, quality and honesty for providing its customer service.

The key to our success is the identification and fulfillment of every need of the customer with maximum professionalism. We contribute to our company always being a step forward.

  • We aim to be the most reliable partners of our customers
  • We aim to provide maximum market coverage in this area
  • We intend to be always in a leap with new innovations
  • We aim to be a professional and motivated staff
  • We aim to maintain our core values, which are: Integrity, Efficiency at Work,                      Customer Commitment.
  • Above all, the client is our priority